Explore ECFs while browsing through the NCBI taxonomy. Here, you can find all the taxa we used while classifying ECFs. Currently, we are working on an iterative process to possess the latest version of the NCBI assembly datasets.

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Click on on the left to see the taxon and how many ECF Proteins have been detected

You can see the taxon, you choosed. Click on the arrow up button to view the taxon's parent. Click on the black plus button (if available), to see its children. The number of all sequences assigned to the taxa are shown in square brackets (e.g. Acidobacteria [ total: 34 ]).

If you have filtered by ECF groups the number of sequences of the selected groups are additionally shown (e.g. Acidobacteria [ total: 10/34 ]). You can also click on the blue plus to show the sequences for each ECF group assigned to the taxa.

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Displaying Taxa 1 - 10 of 51 in total

Id  Scientific name  Rank  Total #sequences Actions
1873 Micromonospora genus 1879 Info
28056 Micromonosporaceae family 3316 Info
47850 Micromonospora aurantiaca species 35 Info
47853 Micromonospora carbonacea species 27 Info
47854 Micromonospora chersina species 52 Info
47855 Micromonospora citrea species 55 Info
47863 Micromonospora globosa species 41 Info
47864 Micromonospora halophytica species 31 Info
47866 Micromonospora inyonensis species 19 Info
47871 Micromonospora peucetia species 37 Info

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