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Publications related to ECF sigma factors and their groups

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A quasi-integral controller for adaptation of genetic modules to variable ribosome demand. Nature communications 2018 H. Huang, Y. Qian, D. Del Vecchio PubMed: 30575748
Role and Function of Class III LitR, a Photosensor Homolog from Burkholderia multivorans. Journal of bacteriology 2018 S. Sumi, H. Shiratori-Takano, K. Ueda, H. Takano PubMed: 30249707 ECF18
Characterization of the Widely Distributed Novel ECF42 Group of Extracytoplasmic Function σ Factors in Streptomyces venezuelae. Journal of bacteriology 2018 Q. Liu, D. Pinto, T. Mascher PubMed: 30126941 ECF42
Synthetic antimicrobial peptides delocalize membrane bound proteins thereby inducing a cell envelope stress response. Biochimica et biophysica acta. Biomembranes 2018 S. Omardien, J. Drijfhout, H. van Veen, S. Schachtschabel, M. Riool, L. Hamoen, S. Brul, S. Zaat PubMed: 29894683 ECF245, ECF30
Most Sinorhizobium meliloti Extracytoplasmic Function Sigma Factors Control Accessory Functions. mSphere 2018 C. Lang, M. Barnett, R. Fisher, L. Smith, M. Diodati, S. Long PubMed: 30305320 ECF26
RpoS controls the expression and the transport of the AlgE1-7 epimerases in Azotobacter vinelandii. FEMS microbiology letters 2018 S. Moreno, H. Ertesvåg, S. Valla, C. Núñez, G. Espin, M. Cocotl-Yañez PubMed: 30169849
New envelope stress factors involved in σE activation and conditional lethality of rpoE mutations in Salmonella enterica. Microbiology (Reading, England) 2018 A. Amar, M. Pezzoni, R. Pizarro, C. Costa PubMed: 30084765 ECF02
LytTR Regulatory Systems: A potential new class of prokaryotic sensory system. PLoS genetics 2018 Z. Zou, H. Qin, A. Brenner, R. Raghavan, J. Millar, Q. Gu, Z. Xie, J. Kreth, J. Merritt PubMed: 30296267
Engineering orthogonal synthetic timer circuits based on extracytoplasmic function σ factors. Nucleic acids research 2018 D. Pinto, S. Vecchione, H. Wu, M. Mauri, T. Mascher, G. Fritz PubMed: 29986061
The crystal structure of the RsbN-σBldN complex from Streptomyces venezuelae defines a new structural class of anti-σ factor. Nucleic acids research 2018 M. Schumacher, M. Bush, M. Bibb, F. Ramos-León, G. Chandra, W. Zeng, M. Buttner PubMed: 29905823 ECF121, ECF214

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