ECF217 ECF proteins

General description: ECF217 has homology to the original group ECF59 (100%) and is present in Planctomycetes (100%) genera Rhodopirellula and Pirellula.

Genomic context conservation: We found membrane-bound protein kinases usually encoded in +1, similarly to original ECF59 (Jogler et al., 2012). Other conserved domains are only present in ECF217s1, with a Planctomycetes extracellular protein (Pfam: Planc_extracel), a dockerin type I repeat (Pfam: Dockerin_1), which takes part in the cellulosome together with a cadherin (source: Pfam(Finn, 2004)) and a tetratricopeptide repeat.

Promoter motif conservation: Predicted target promoter motifs are not conserved.

Summary: Members of ECF217 are encoded close to proteins with a protein kinase domain, similarly to original ECF59 (Jogler et al., 2012). Due to the lack of functional characterization of any of the members of ECF217, it is unclear whether these kinases are regulating the activity of members of ECF217, as speculated for other ECF groups.


Basic information

Number of representative ECFs: 14

Number of non-redundant ECFs: 29

Sequences with C-terminal extension: 0.00%

Sequences with N-terminal extension: 17.24%

Overrepresented genus: Rhodopirellula [85.71%]

Sample Neighborhood

Protein EGF28835.1 of Assembly GCA_000195185.2 (Rhodopirellula baltica WH47)

Promoter Motif


Protein sequence length distribution

Gene neighbourhood conservation analysis

Related publications

Title Journal Year Authors PubMed ECF groups
Identification of proteins likely to be involved in morphogenesis, cell division, and signal transduction in Planctomycetes by comparative genomics. Journal of bacteriology 2012 C. Jogler, J. Waldmann, X. Huang, M. Jogler, F. Glöckner, T. Mascher, R. Kolter PubMed: 23002222 ECF59, ECF46, ECF57, ECF62, ECF61, ECF217, ECF58
Pfam: the protein families database. Nucleic acids research 2014 R. Finn, A. Bateman, J. Clements, P. Coggill, R. Eberhardt, S. Eddy, A. Heger, K. Hetherington, L. Holm, J. Mistry, E. Sonnhammer, J. Tate, M. Punta PubMed: 24288371 ECF203, ECF217
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