ECF proteins

General description: ECF107 is composed by a single subgroup with homology to original ECF107 (98.96%) and present in Firmicutes (100%) from genus Bacillus in organisms such as B. cereus, B. anthracis and B. thuringiensis.

Genetic context conservation: Only five proteins from representative/reference genomes are part of ECF107, making difficult the extraction of meaningful conclusions. These proteins contain a DUF4199 in +2, a DUF5065 in +3, a peptidase family M28 in +4, a tRNA synthetases class I (R) with a DALR anticodon binding domain and an arginyl tRNA synthetase N-terminal domain in -1, a DUF1934 in -2, a LD-carboxypeptidase in -3, a DUF1093 in -4 and a phosphotransferase system EIIC in -5.

Anti-σ factors: In agreement with original ECF017 (Staroń et al., 2009), we observed that position +1 and +2 of the genetic context of members of ECF107 contain a 2-transmembrane helix and 3-transmembrane helix proteins (100%), respectively. Proteins in +1 and +2 are not homologous in the cytoplasmic region, but they could be both AS factors as previously suggested (Staroń et al., 2009).

Promoter motif conservation: Predicted target promoter motifs are not conserved.

Summary: ECF107 preserves the characteristics of original ECF107, with putative AS factors encoded in +1 and +2 (Staroń et al., 2009).


Basic information

Number of representative ECFs: 32

Number of non-redundant ECFs: 96

Sequences with C-terminal extension: 0.00%

Sequences with N-terminal extension: 2.08%

Overrepresented order: Bacillales [96.88%]

Sample Neighborhood

Protein OJD78533.1 of Assembly GCA_001884215.1 (Bacillus sp. P14-1)

Promoter Motif


Protein sequence length distribution

Gene neighbourhood conservation analysis

Related publications

Title Journal Year Authors PubMed ECF groups
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