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Sucrose favors Pseudomonas aeruginosa pellicle production through the extracytoplasmic function sigma factor SigX. FEMS microbiology letters 2014 E. Bouffartigues, R. Duchesne, A. Bazire, M. Simon, O. Maillot, A. Dufour, M. Feuilloley, N. Orange, S. Chevalier PubMed: 24861220
The extra-cytoplasmic function sigma factor sigX modulates biofilm and virulence-related properties in Pseudomonas aeruginosa. PloS one 2013 G. Gicquel, E. Bouffartigues, M. Bains, V. Oxaran, T. Rosay, O. Lesouhaitier, N. Connil, A. Bazire, O. Maillot, M. Bénard, P. Cornelis, R. Hancock, A. Dufour, M. Feuilloley, N. Orange, E. Déziel, S. Chevalier PubMed: 24260387
The sigma factor AlgU plays a key role in formation of robust biofilms by nonmucoid Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Journal of bacteriology 2010 A. Bazire, K. Shioya, E. Soum-Soutéra, E. Bouffartigues, C. Ryder, L. Guentas-Dombrowsky, G. Hémery, I. Linossier, S. Chevalier, D. Wozniak, O. Lesouhaitier, A. Dufour PubMed: 20348252
Transcription of the oprF gene of Pseudomonas aeruginosa is dependent mainly on the SigX sigma factor and is sucrose induced. Journal of bacteriology 2012 E. Bouffartigues, G. Gicquel, A. Bazire, M. Bains, O. Maillot, J. Vieillard, M. Feuilloley, N. Orange, R. Hancock, A. Dufour, S. Chevalier PubMed: 22685281
Extracytoplasmic function sigma factors in Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Biochimica et biophysica acta. Gene regulatory mechanisms 2018 S. Chevalier, E. Bouffartigues, A. Bazire, A. Tahrioui, R. Duchesne, D. Tortuel, O. Maillot, T. Clamens, N. Orange, M. Feuilloley, O. Lesouhaitier, A. Dufour, P. Cornelis PubMed: 29729420 ECF02, ECF102, ECF243, ECF293, ECF35
The Temperature-Regulation of <i>Pseudomonas aeruginosa cmaX-cfrX-cmpX</i> Operon Reveals an Intriguing Molecular Network Involving the Sigma Factors AlgU and SigX. Frontiers in microbiology 2020 E. Bouffartigues, I. Si Hadj Mohand, O. Maillot, D. Tortuel, J. Omnes, A. David, A. Tahrioui, R. Duchesne, C. Azuama, M. Nusser, G. Brenner-Weiss, A. Bazire, N. Connil, N. Orange, M. Feuilloley, O. Lesouhaitier, A. Dufour, P. Cornelis, S. Chevalier PubMed: 33193206

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