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List of publications of J D Helmann
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Anti-sigma factors. Current opinion in microbiology 1999 J. Helmann PubMed: 10322161
Mutations in multidrug efflux homologs, sugar isomerases, and antimicrobial biosynthesis genes differentially elevate activity of the sigma(X) and sigma(W) factors in Bacillus subtilis. Journal of bacteriology 2000 M. Turner, J. Helmann PubMed: 10960106
The -10 region is a key promoter specificity determinant for the Bacillus subtilis extracytoplasmic-function sigma factors sigma(X) and sigma(W). Journal of bacteriology 2001 J. Qiu, J. Helmann PubMed: 11222589
Identification of target promoters for the Bacillus subtilis sigma X factor using a consensus-directed search. Journal of molecular biology 1998 X. Huang, J. Helmann PubMed: 9636707
Promoter recognition by Bacillus subtilis sigmaW: autoregulation and partial overlap with the sigmaX regulon. Journal of bacteriology 1998 X. Huang, K. Fredrick, J. Helmann PubMed: 9683469
FosB, a cysteine-dependent fosfomycin resistance protein under the control of sigma(W), an extracytoplasmic-function sigma factor in Bacillus subtilis. Journal of bacteriology 2001 M. Cao, B. Bernat, Z. Wang, R. Armstrong, J. Helmann PubMed: 11244082 ECF245
The Bacillus subtilis sigma(X) protein is an extracytoplasmic function sigma factor contributing to survival at high temperature. Journal of bacteriology 1997 X. Huang, A. Decatur, A. Sorokin, J. Helmann PubMed: 9139908
Identification of target promoters for the Bacillus subtilis extracytoplasmic function sigma factor, sigma W. Molecular microbiology 1999 X. Huang, A. Gaballa, M. Cao, J. Helmann PubMed: 9987136

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