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Assignment of the zinc ligands in RsrA, a redox-sensing ZAS protein from Streptomyces coelicolor. Biochemistry 2006 K. Zdanowski, P. Doughty, P. Jakimowicz, L. O'Hara, M. Buttner, M. Paget, C. Kleanthous PubMed: 16819828 ECF12, ECF11
The Streptomyces coelicolor developmental transcription factor sigmaBldN is synthesized as a proprotein. Journal of bacteriology 2003 M. Bibb, M. Buttner PubMed: 12644505 ECF121
Expression of the chaplin and rodlin hydrophobic sheath proteins in Streptomyces venezuelae is controlled by σ(BldN) and a cognate anti-sigma factor, RsbN. Molecular microbiology 2012 M. Bibb, A. Domonkos, G. Chandra, M. Buttner PubMed: 22582857 ECF121
The crystal structure of the RsbN-σBldN complex from Streptomyces venezuelae defines a new structural class of anti-σ factor. Nucleic acids research 2018 M. Schumacher, M. Bush, M. Bibb, F. Ramos-León, G. Chandra, W. Zeng, M. Buttner PubMed: 29905823 ECF121, ECF214
Identification and structure of the anti-sigma factor-binding domain of the disulphide-stress regulated sigma factor sigma(R) from Streptomyces coelicolor. Journal of molecular biology 2002 W. Li, C. Stevenson, N. Burton, P. Jakimowicz, M. Paget, M. Buttner, D. Lawson, C. Kleanthous PubMed: 12381317
The sigma(E) cell envelope stress response of Streptomyces coelicolor is influenced by a novel lipoprotein, CseA. Journal of bacteriology 2006 M. Hutchings, H. Hong, E. Leibovitz, I. Sutcliffe, M. Buttner PubMed: 17015661
Defining the regulon of genes controlled by σ<sup>E</sup> , a key regulator of the cell envelope stress response in Streptomyces coelicolor. Molecular microbiology 2019 N. Tran, X. Huang, H. Hong, M. Bush, G. Chandra, D. Pinto, M. Bibb, M. Hutchings, T. Mascher, M. Buttner PubMed: 30907454 ECF39
Discovery of the extracytoplasmic function σ factors. Molecular microbiology 2019 M. Lonetto, T. Donohue, C. Gross, M. Buttner PubMed: 31115926
Expansion and re-classification of the extracytoplasmic function (ECF) σ factor family. Nucleic acids research 2021 D. Casas-Pastor, R. Müller, S. Jaenicke, K. Brinkrolf, A. Becker, M. Buttner, C. Gross, T. Mascher, A. Goesmann, G. Fritz PubMed: 33398323

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