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Title Journal Publication year Authors External link Described ECF groups Accepted
Control of the alternative sigma factor sigmaE in Escherichia coli. Current opinion in microbiology 2004 S. Ades PubMed: 15063853 ECF02
Regulation of the alternative sigma factor sigma(E) during initiation, adaptation, and shutoff of the extracytoplasmic heat shock response in Escherichia coli. Journal of bacteriology 2003 S. Ades, I. Grigorova, C. Gross PubMed: 12670975
Growth phase-dependent regulation of the extracytoplasmic stress factor, sigmaE, by guanosine 3',5'-bispyrophosphate (ppGpp). Journal of bacteriology 2006 A. Costanzo, S. Ades PubMed: 16788171
The extracytoplasmic stress factor, sigmaE, is required to maintain cell envelope integrity in Escherichia coli. PloS one 2008 J. Hayden, S. Ades PubMed: 18253509
sigE facilitates the adaptation of Bordetella bronchiseptica to stress conditions and lethal infection in immunocompromised mice. BMC microbiology 2012 S. Barchinger, X. Zhang, S. Hester, M. Rodriguez, E. Harvill, S. Ades PubMed: 22897969
Regulated proteolysis: control of the Escherichia coli σ(E)-dependent cell envelope stress response. Sub-cellular biochemistry 2013 S. Barchinger, S. Ades PubMed: 23479440 ECF115
Co-ordinated regulation of the extracytoplasmic stress factor, sigmaE, with other Escherichia coli sigma factors by (p)ppGpp and DksA may be achieved by specific regulation of individual holoenzymes. Molecular microbiology 2014 S. Gopalkrishnan, H. Nicoloff, S. Ades PubMed: 24946009
Themes and variations in gene regulation by extracytoplasmic function (ECF) sigma factors. Current opinion in microbiology 2017 E. Sineva, M. Savkina, S. Ades PubMed: 28575802
ppGpp and DksA likely regulate the activity of the extracytoplasmic stress factor sigmaE in Escherichia coli by both direct and indirect mechanisms. Molecular microbiology 2008 A. Costanzo, H. Nicoloff, S. Barchinger, A. Banta, R. Gourse, S. Ades PubMed: 18086212

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