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The Mycobacterium tuberculosis SigD sigma factor controls the expression of ribosome-associated gene products in stationary phase and is required for full virulence. Cellular microbiology 2005 H. Calamita, C. Ko, S. Tyagi, T. Yoshimatsu, N. Morrison, W. Bishai PubMed: 15659067 ECF40
Deletion of Mycobacterium tuberculosis sigma factor E results in delayed time to death with bacterial persistence in the lungs of aerosol-infected mice. Infection and immunity 2003 M. Ando, T. Yoshimatsu, C. Ko, P. Converse, W. Bishai PubMed: 14638810
Mycobacterium tuberculosis ECF sigma factor sigC is required for lethality in mice and for the conditional expression of a defined gene set. Molecular microbiology 2004 R. Sun, P. Converse, C. Ko, S. Tyagi, N. Morrison, W. Bishai PubMed: 15049808 ECF36
Role of stress response sigma factor SigG in Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Journal of bacteriology 2008 J. Lee, D. Geiman, W. Bishai PubMed: 18039768 ECF56
Isoniazid resistance without a loss of fitness in Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Nature communications 2012 J. Lee, N. Ammerman, S. Nolan, D. Geiman, S. Lun, H. Guo, W. Bishai PubMed: 22434196 ECF41
Altered cellular infiltration and cytokine levels during early Mycobacterium tuberculosis sigC mutant infection are associated with late-stage disease attenuation and milder immunopathology in mice. BMC microbiology 2008 K. Abdul-Majid, L. Ly, P. Converse, D. Geiman, D. McMurray, W. Bishai PubMed: 18798983 ECF36

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