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List of publications of Thorsten Mascher
Title Journal Publication year Authors External link Described ECF groups Accepted
The cell envelope stress response of Bacillus subtilis: from static signaling devices to dynamic regulatory network. Current genetics 2017 J. Radeck, G. Fritz, T. Mascher PubMed: 27344142
The three-component system EsrISR regulates a cell envelope stress response in Corynebacterium glutamicum. Molecular microbiology 2017 B. Kleine, A. Chattopadhyay, T. Polen, D. Pinto, T. Mascher, M. Bott, M. Brocker, R. Freudl PubMed: 28922502
The third pillar of bacterial signal transduction: classification of the extracytoplasmic function (ECF) sigma factor protein family. Molecular microbiology 2009 A. Staroń, H. Sofia, S. Dietrich, L. Ulrich, H. Liesegang, T. Mascher PubMed: 19737356 ECF103, ECF21, ECF123, ECF51, ECF39, ECF281, ECF102, ECF130, ECF122, ECF291, ECF15, ECF242, ECF22, ECF285, ECF106, ECF27, ECF31, ECF240, ECF114, ECF16, ECF38, ECF41, ECF105, ECF116, ECF111, ECF03, ECF239, ECF42, ECF294, ECF17, ECF11, ECF29, ECF235, ECF293, ECF118, ECF265, ECF30, ECF23, ECF14, ECF249, ECF18, ECF115, ECF290, ECF25, ECF121, ECF02, ECF120, ECF289, ECF28, ECF243, ECF19, ECF43, ECF107, ECF12, ECF32, ECF36, ECF292, ECF286, ECF271, ECF26, ECF40, ECF56, ECF33
The rhamnolipid stress response of Bacillus subtilis. FEMS microbiology letters 2011 T. Wecke, T. Bauer, H. Harth, U. Mäder, T. Mascher PubMed: 22092710
Daptomycin versus Friulimicin B: in-depth profiling of Bacillus subtilis cell envelope stress responses. Antimicrobial agents and chemotherapy 2009 T. Wecke, D. Zühlke, U. Mäder, S. Jordan, B. Voigt, S. Pelzer, H. Labischinski, G. Homuth, M. Hecker, T. Mascher PubMed: 19164157
Cannibalism stress response in Bacillus subtilis. Microbiology (Reading, England) 2016 C. Höfler, J. Heckmann, A. Fritsch, P. Popp, S. Gebhard, G. Fritz, T. Mascher PubMed: 26364265
Characterization of the Widely Distributed Novel ECF42 Group of Extracytoplasmic Function σ Factors in Streptomyces venezuelae. Journal of bacteriology 2018 Q. Liu, D. Pinto, T. Mascher PubMed: 30126941 ECF42
Defining the regulon of genes controlled by σ<sup>E</sup> , a key regulator of the cell envelope stress response in Streptomyces coelicolor. Molecular microbiology 2019 N. Tran, X. Huang, H. Hong, M. Bush, G. Chandra, D. Pinto, M. Bibb, M. Hutchings, T. Mascher, M. Buttner PubMed: 30907454 ECF39
ECF σ factors with regulatory extensions: the one-component systems of the σ universe. Molecular microbiology 2019 D. Pinto, Q. Liu, T. Mascher PubMed: 31175685
The role of C-terminal extensions in controlling ECF σ factor activity in the widely conserved groups ECF41 and ECF42. Molecular microbiology 2019 H. Wu, Q. Liu, D. Casas-Pastor, F. Dürr, T. Mascher, G. Fritz PubMed: 30990934

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